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From the Chairman FY 2016-17

IDMC enters into its silver jubilee year on a positive note having recorded substantial growth over the previous year. With the objective of providing a complete solution from concept to commissioning and in focusing on providing appropriate cost effective and efficient technology, IDMC has undertaken several dairy projects for various customers which has contributed to its and dairy sector’s growth.

With self-sufficiency having been attained in milk availability and with a continuous increase in milk production, the focus of the Indian Dairy Industry has been on improving milk quality combined with making available value-added products such as paneer, cheese, ice-cream and local sweet meats. Ensuring quality of milk through hygienic milk handling involves adoption of a cold chain from the milk collection point onwards till it reaches the dairy for processing. IDMC has played a key role in manufacturing and installation of bulk milk cooling systems to aid this process. The demand for milk and milk products has been steadily rising in our country which throws open opportunities in the areas of modernization and expansion of milk processing and product manufacturing capacities in the near future. The provision in this year’s budget of a Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund with a corpus of Rs 8000 crore over 3 years will further give an impetus to the dairy industry to expand and modernize their processing infrastructure. IDMC would be prepared to meet some of these requirements. A step in that direction has already been taken by adding on production capacities in the Metal and Plastic units.

Food safety is not only a statutory requirement but also a necessity for all food business enterprises. With the dairy sector poised for exports in direct competition with global players, it becomes imperative that all food safety norms are taken care of. The design and manufacturing of equipment and execution of projects, be they expansion, modernization or greenfield, need to take care of these requirements. IDMC with its team of qualified personnel is continuously working towards providing these solutions. The Plastics unit has already taken necessary initiative in this direction and has obtained Food Safety System Certification for practicing food safety norms.

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, IDMC has taken up various initiatives and continues to also support NDDB in their effort to provide milk or milk products, on a regular basis, to children in rural schools.

IDMC has been serving the process industry in a meaningful way and with the patronage of esteemed customers and trust of all the stakeholders, it expects to deliver sustained growth in future.

Dilip Rath

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