From the Chairman FY 2017-18

NDDB’s mandate is to help improve the economic status of the milk producer with the help of producer owned institutions providing sustained market access as well as assistance in improving milch animal productivity and quality of milk.

IDMC’s business segments in the areas of project execution of large complex and automated milk and milk product plants, manufacture of dairy machinery, milk coolers and packaging material help contribute to NDDB’s mandate.Today, India’s dairy industry consists of over 70 million small milk producers dispersed across the country many of whom are linked to producer owned institutions, and hundreds of medium to very large milk processing plants. They have very different needs and requirements.

With a consistent annual growth rate of over 5% during the last 10 years, India as the world’s largest milk producing country contributes substantially to the world milk production. Growth in human population and consumption would continue to stimulate demand for milk and milk products in our country in the years to come.

While we have to continue to focus on increasing the milk production to meet the increasing demand for milk and milk products, we also have to ensure that the increased milk production is produced and handled efficiently and that hygiene standards are maintained at all levels.It is in this context that the Government of India’s scheme to create the Dairy Processing & Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF) with a corpus of Rs. 8000 crore in NABARD, to be implemented by NDDB and NCDC is significant. DIDF would help fund a) modernisation & creation of milk processing facilities and manufacturing facilities for value added Products b) Creation of village level chilling infrastructure and c) Setting up of electronic milk testing equipment

IDMC would have to use this opportunity in execution of projects and supply of dairy equipment for modernization and creation of additional capacity for milk processing and value added products manufacturing as well as village level chilling infrastructure.

To comply with increasingly stringent food standards and growing consumer awareness of quality and safety, dairy industry has to continuously work towards improving the quality in the entire dairy value chain – from farm level to the retail point. Along with interventions in animal breeding, nutrition and health care, milk producers are also looking to increase the size of their milch animal holdings to produce milk at lower costs. Affordable automated milking solutions can help in not only ensuring a competitive alternative to hand milking but also improve help hygiene.

It is here that IDMC has come up with indigenously manufactured affordable milking machine which has shown an increase in the productivity of small and medium milk producers at the village level. The potential for adoption of milking machine is huge. The dairy cooperatives procure about 10% of the total milk production in the country. Although there are a good number of villages with dairy potential, only about half of them are currently being covered by the dairy cooperatives. There is a huge potential for the dairy cooperatives to bring more milk producers under their ambit and to make their member producers aware about the benefits of milking machines for clean milk production and alternative to hand milking.

With just a little more than half of the total quantity of milk procured by cooperative sector covered under the cold chain, there is a need for strengthening the milk chilling infrastructure to increase the efficiency of milk collection and the quality of milk at the village level. To meet the increased requirement of farm level chilling facilities IDMC has made efforts to manufacture bulk milk coolers and make them available at reasonable price to the milk producer institutions.IDMC’s packaging film plant registered a good growth during the year. The commissioning of two modern blown film lines, 3- layer and 7- layer, during the year has enhanced IDMC’s capability to cater particularly to customers in segments such as UHT milk, edible oil, cheese and other products.

Under its corporate social responsibility programmes the company provided milk to the underprivileged children in local neighbourhood schools as part of NDDB's GiftMilk mission.Using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), IDMC continues to provide customized solutions with a focus on improving the efficiencies at all levels of operations.

Dilip Rath

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